A Novel Approach to Microcredit

Beaded Treasures utilizes the principles of microcredit in an innovative integrated approach that includes targeted services-a "credit-plus approach" rather than just handing out money to the beaders.

This provides the "missing link" between microcredit and successful entrepreneurship by focusing on small scale holistic practices, sustainable long term results, long term one on one mentoring, and expedient profits for members.

Guiding Principles

  • Each beader "buys" jewelry making supplies from Beaded Treasures, to be repaid when her jewelry is sold or at a preset later date.

  • The cost of the jewelry making supplies to the beader is heavily subsidized- allowing beaders to purchase supplies at a fraction of the cost. Subsidization is made possible by bead donations, tax deductible monetary donations, and participating local artists who sell their jewelry and donate a portion of their profits.

  • Regular instruction in new jewelry making techniques and marketing skills. Older members will also assist new members in acquisition of skills in order to promote entrepreneurial responsibility.

  • The project actively seeks low or no cost venues in order to increase profit margins for the beaders.

  • Public awareness and involvement is created through both traditional and social media, word of mouth, and civic engagement.

  • Participating local artists donate a portion of their profits when they sell their handiwork and provide valuable input to the beaders in terms of product marketability. This is a win-win situation for both.

  • Beaded Treasures members phase out as they gain a sufficient degree of jewelry making and marketing expertise.