Frequently Asked Questions

Can I stop by the Showroom?

Yes! Our Showroom and Workshop space is open to the public! Our hours are:

Friday's 10 - 5 or by appointment.

659 South 8th Street, Louisville, KY 40203

How does the Project work?

Project members purchase low cost, subsidized materials from the Project for jewelry making.  The materials can be purchased with cash or may be purchased on credit, to be repaid when the member begins to profit from her work or at a later determined date.  Balances may be repaid over time so that members may retain part of their profits immediately.  New members are offered a low credit limit so that they will not incur an unexpected debt and will quickly learn to balance cost and profit margins.

How does the Project benefit its members?

  1. Material costs are extremely low due to bead/materials donations and wholesale pricing.
  2. Member profit margins are high as we are staffed by volunteers and seek out low cost venues.
  3. Members work from home allowing them to care for their families and maintain jobs.
  4. Members practice English skills in meetings and during selling events.
  5. Members receive financial literacy instruction and referrals to outside agencies who provide further financial assistance and education.
  6. Members receive instruction in jewelry design and crafting.
  7. After graduation from the Project, beaders continue to receive limited support and are encouraged to return to assist with instruction and education of new members.
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How often do members meet?

One time per month either at a shared community space or at a member's home.

Is the Project affiliated with Kentucky Refugee Ministries?

No. The earliest group of beaders were clients of Kentucky Refugee Ministries and the organization continues to refer suitable refugees to the Project. 

How do you find new members?

We are constantly looking for new Project members through refugee resettlement groups in the area as well as through local refugee organizations. Please contact Surekha if you know of women who are interested in joining the Project.