A Look Into Our Lives

Beaded Treasures Project is a compassionate company driven by equally compassionate people. Our company is managed by women with the welfare of other women ever at heart. From financial literacy, to entrepreneurship, to creative outlets, we see the potential in women and the advancements the world appreciates when we acknowledge this. This confidence in the ability of others begins with the women behind the scenes, whose passion pours into every aspect of our brand. We believe it’s important to highlight their stories.



Maria uses her skills in business and design arts and technology to aid in both the management and marketing of BTP. In her two years with BTP, she has gained insight in the business world and her surrounding area. While she came in with goals solely in the realm of refugee women, she has now become more attuned to the struggles of women locally.

Noting the amount of people in need, and the opportunities she believes BTP opens up to these women becoming more self-sufficient. Surrounding all of this is Maria’s motivation to give back in assistance as her family had once received. Coming to America seeking political asylum as a child, she is grateful for the the opportunity she is now afforded in aiding others in similar journeys.

She believes the mission of BTP has transcended from a small project, to a mantra of uplifting women and starting at their core with confidence. Her biggest goal is to share the story behind BTP with an even larger audience to increase its impact.



Entering her senior year of college at the University of Louisville, intern Roufia was seeking more hands-on writing experience and a job with impactful motives.

At BTP she has found both, as well solidarity between her fellow female coworkers. Roufia’s main goal for her future is to hone in on a career path that fulfills her as a person and urges her to never stop learning. She appreciates the mark she believes BTP is leaving on the women of Louisville and beyond, and hopes to continue that montra no matter where life takes her.

She describes BTP as a non-profit that not only promotes self-sufficiency, but sisterhood. She has always felt a strong pull towards agendas that promote female-empowerment. In the future she hopes to continue to work tirelessly to uplift and advocate for those who are disadvantaged.


Source: mayawritess.wordpress.com