Daughters of Greatness - Surekha Kulkarni

Beaded Treasures Project founder and Executive Director, Surekha Kulkarni, has been invited as this year’s featured speaker for the Muhammad Ali Center’s “Daughters of Greatness” speaker series on April 14, 2017! 

“If you get, you must give.” - Surekha Kulkarni

“The “Daughters of Greatness” breakfast series features prominent women engaged in social philanthropy, activism, and pursuits of justice. The stories and reflections they share are motivational to some people, transformative to others, and inspirational to all. The Ali Center periodically invites these local and international icons to share their stories with the Louisville community.” - The Muhammad Ali Center

Confidence. Conviction. Dedication. Giving. Respect. Spirituality

Muhammad Ali practiced these six core principles not only within the ring, but throughout his life and in his interactions with others. Surekha’s life experiences and her mission with the Beaded Treasures Project reflects all six of Ali’s core principles. 

The mission of Beaded Treasures Project is not only about self-sufficiency or financial literacy; it is about building CONFIDENCE in one’s self to “be whoever you want to be and to do whatever you want to do.” Surekha has practiced the CONVICTION to stand with resettled, refugee women as they overcome linguistic, cultural, and economic barriers to success. She is DEDICATED to the independence of these women to elevate their status within the home and society. 

Surekha has continued with GIVING immeasurable volunteer time, skills training and mentorship to more than 200 women. As the women grow within Beaded Treasures and build their skills, they are also able to learn self-RESPECT. Through the feminist expression of art in jewelry making, women are able to fulfill their SPIRITUALITY and use art as a form of therapeutic self-expression. 

With the “Daughters of Greatness” series, the Muhammad Ali Center aims to focus on women who dedicate their life to helping others, who give confidence and respect to those who cannot give back, who were convicted to do something greater than themselves for betterment of the community. 

“When I lived in India, I was an upper-class housewife. When I moved here, I was welcomed with a personal, empowering experience. I was able to volunteer at multiple organizations where the extra help was needed and when I worked with other refugee women, I knew that I had to do something to help empower these women. I had the advantage of seeing the positive and with the experience I had with these women who did not have a lot, I decided I wanted to help the women.” - Surekha Kulkarni

The core principle that resonates the most with Surekha as she thinks about her work with Beaded Treasures would be CONVICTION

“We want the women we work with to be convinced that they can do whatever they want to do. It is not something I am telling them… The conviction has to happen within themselves. Whatever it takes to make them feel that way is also part of our mission.” - Surekha Kulkarni

Join us in celebrating Surekha’s life journey and her work with resettled refugee women in Louisville, Kentucky. Surekha will speak at the “Daughters of Greatness” series on April 14th from 8:30 am to 10:00 am. Tickets are available here.

Then join us for our Open House later that evening starting at 5:00pm at 659 South 8th Street! Celebrate our new location and chat with resettled refugee women over jewelry shopping, small bites and wine! Follow our Facebook event to learn more!